Hannon, Patrice. Dear Jane Austen: a heroine's guide to life and love. (2005, reprint 2008) [purchased Mar/09]

McKillip, Patricia A. Harrowing the dragon. Collection of short stories (2005) [purchased Mar/09]

Roberts, Nora. The pride of Jared MacKade. "The MacKade Brothers" quartet, book 2 (1995). [Included in the 2004 anthology, The MacKade brothers: Rafe and Jared] [purchased Feb/09]

Roberts, Nora. The return of Rafe MacKade. "The MacKade brothers" quartet, book 1 (1995). [Included in 2004 anthology, The MacKade brothers: Rafe and Jared] [purchased Feb/09]

Showalter, Gina. Playing with fire. (2006)
Belle Jamison has unwittingly become the guinea pig for an experimental formula - hidden in her morning latte? Now she can control the elements which should be cool...but really isn't. Because now sexy, cool government agent Rome Masters has been order to hunt her down and neutralize her!

While I think they overdid it with the descriptive adjectives (he's sexy and cool! - and his name: I love the Rome, but "Masters"!) I can't wait to read this one!
Skully, Jennifer. Sheer Dynamite. (2006)
In a family a bona fide psychics, Opal Smith feels very much like a misfit, but when she finally sees her first honest-to-goodness vision, she's thrilled! Jack Davis, the guy she's just rear-ended, doesn't share her excitement. Before he knows it, Jack can't help but try to save Opal from herself!

It was the tagline that actually hooked me: She's a woman desperately seeking more crazy in her life - he's a man who's had enough! Sounds like fun!